Message Received! Over and Out. 

Posted: October 30, 2021 in Bible Study

Under Gods Command

I remember back in the day when the first message recorders came out for the telephones.  We got every message that was left. We deleted and saved some of them.  When someone wants you to give a message to someone, we sometimes must write it down, so we will not be wrong on the delivery.  We now send text messages that will stay on your phone forever if you do not delete them.  We take notes when we go to presentations that interest our desire to have more. 

Why do we not take notes from the very message that can do more for us than anybody?  The Pastor prepares a message they have received from God, and most of us sit up in Church and do not take any note from the message that God delivered through your preacher.  That is the one message that can do more for you than anybody, 

We shout, we dance, and shout Amen!  But we will walk right out of Church, and two hours later, someone will ask you how Church was and what was the message, and you forgot that fast.  I feel it is a great disrespect not to take notes.  At least write down the scripture.

Now that we have YouTube and Fakebook, you can always go back and listen to the message again.  Start taking advantage of the technology God has blessed this world with, and use it for something good.  Let’s start going back and reviewing the message from the day we went to Church.  We are supposed to be taking that message to the streets and not keeping it for ourselves or letting it fall off our ears when we leave Church. 

Message Receive, Over and Out!   

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