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We see in this a spiritual rebuke of a person who is slipping away from God. A backslider who is helped back to God will thank you for it later.

Someone who flatters with the tongue and says everything is okay can do you great harm. Flattery has no value but reproof does, so it leads to gratitude.

Truth is always the best rule.

This man is not only a robber but is a robber of his own flesh and blood. Thieves can think of good excuses, but there is no reason to rob.

To plunder one’s own family is an unthinkable crime, but it is worst yet when denied. This person not only destroys his parents’ living by taking their material goods but breaks their hearts as well. He is not a builder, he is a destroyer.

This is arrogance that satisfies itself at the expense of conflict with others and never knows the prosperity of humble trust in God.

A proud heart has to do with being puffed up with self. He stirs up strife because he feels no one has an opinion worth hearing but his own.

Trust goes farther than faith. It is when we rest in the Lord knowing that all is well. When I say “rest” here, I do not mean we stop working. I mean we have complete confidence in the Lord.

A city without a wall is in peril. It has no protection. A man’s spirit is what he is. If he loses control of the spirit, he has lost control of himself. The spirit of a man must control the flesh, or else, the man will go the way of the flesh.

Such are exposed and vulnerable to the incursion of evil thoughts and successful temptations which leads them to hell.

Dwelling on the honors you deserve can only be harmful. It can make you bitter, discouraged, or angry, and it will not bring the rewards that you think should be yours.  Obsessed for what you should have received may make you miss the satisfaction of knowing you did your best.  

Because life is short and our futures uncertain, we should be all more diligent in what we do with our lives.  We should act with foresight as we attend to our homes, families, and careers.  Be a responsible steward, like a farmer with his or her lands and herds.  For God’s people , thinking ahead is a duty, not an option.  

We see in this a worthless vessel, covered with glaze to make it seem from the outside to be very valuable. If you are looking at this from the spiritual standpoint, it makes it appear to be redeemed (glaze). This person, mentioned here, has beautiful burning lips which seem to be affectionate. They are a deceit coming from a wicked heart. 

A cheap veneer of glaze over a common clay pot hiding its commonness and fragility is like the deception spoken by evil people. The point is this: just as glaze covers the rough pottery but cannot ultimately change its character, so the evil man cannot change his character by covering it with eloquent speech. This thought is expanded (in verses 24 to 28).

It is as hard to refuse to listen to gossip as it is to turn down a delicious dessert.  Taking just one morsel of either one creates a taste for more.  You can resist rumors the same way a determined dieter resist candy, NEVER OPEN THE BOX.  If you don’t nibble on the first bite of gossip, you can’t take the second and the third.  

This theme here is one of cause and effect. As surely as a North wind drives away the rain cloud, so then will an angry look will sometimes stop a person from saying slanderous things about someone else.

Gossip is spoken of badly in the Bible. I believe here that this is speaking of spreading untruths about the neighbors. If you were called to court to testify, you would have to tell the truth about the neighbors, but just telling things to get rumors started is bad. 

Avenging the evil done by one’s neighbor by offering false witness against him is forbidden.

Deceiving with the lips, perhaps, means stretching the truth to harm someone.