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If this is the case, why cannot people overcome their addictions, drugs, smoking, drinking, sex addiction, porn, hate, holding grudges, backbiting, gossiping and the list goes on and on? It is so easy to read scripture, but we need to live out and be the scripture, we need to trust the scripture, and it will not be until we have a come to Jesus meeting and decide today to have or start that personal relationship with the one that lives inside of you, then you will see and experience the power of Jesus. 

Stop dressing up the outside of you, and start building the inside of you with the Holy Spirit who is God. It all starts with excepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, but it does not stop there, it is the continuous building and working on a relationship. And those of you who been saved for a long time, do not think you are all that, because the devil is just waiting for you to let your guard down, and is looking for a chink in your Armor.

Jesus Be Praised!