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The book of Hosea is like a love story. I was amazed how God compared adultery with idolatry. Hosea was a prophet who God told to find a wife (Gomer) and revealed to him ahead of time that she would be unfaithful. (1:2). She would bear many kids, but they would not be his own. A covenant was made by God, and God had been faithful. His love was steadfast, and his commitment unbroken. But Israel like Gomer, was adulterous and unfaithful, spurning God’s love and turning instead to false gods. Then after warning of judgment, God reaffirmed his love and offered reconciliation. His love and mercy were overflowing but justice would be served.

Just as Hosea’s wife, Gomer was unfaithful to him, so the nation of Israel had been unfaithful to God. Israel’s idolatry was like adultery. They sought illicit relationships with Assyria and Egypt in pursuit of military might, and they mixed Baal worship with the worship of God.

Like Gomer, we can chase after other loves-love of power, pleasure, money, or recognition. The temptations in this world can be very seductive. Are we loyal to God, remaining completely faithful, or have other loves taken his rightful place?

Hosea married Gomer, knowing ahead of time that she would leave him. Hosea tenderly dealt with his wife in spite of her sin. And God was merciful toward the people of Israel despite their sins. God has not changed, for he is still merciful and forgiving.