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Stop making your Children Codependent. I remember when I was small and wanted this kawasaki 90 Mini Bike. It was 300 Dollars, and I will never forget. I was about 13 or 14 and my Mom told me if you pay 150, I will pay the other half. I work like a dog to get that 150. After getting the Mini Bike, I really took care of it because I worked for it, and it was just not given to me. It made me appreciate it that much more and I thank my mom for the help she gave me.
Children today don’t appreciate a dam thing because its being given to them. Parents are paying for their children car repairs, and much more and not requiring them to put one dime towards it. Stop it! Stop it now before its to late. Make them have a savings towards car repairs and emergencies. Put your emotions aside and do what you should do.

Jesus be Praised!