Under Gods Command 

1st Timothy: Timothy is a prime example of one who was influenced by godly relatives.  His mother, Enice, and grandmother, Lois, were Jewish believers who helped shape his life and promote his spiritual growth (2 Timothy 1:5; 3:15)


Sound Doctrine

 EXPLANATION: Paul instructed Timothy to preserve the Christian faith by teaching sound doctrine and modeling right living. Timothy had to oppose false teachers, who were leading church members away from belief in salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone.

IMPORTANCE: We must know the truth in order to defend it. We must cling to the belief that Christ came to save us. We should stay away from those who twist the words of the Bible for their own purposes.

Public Worship

EXPLANATION: Prayer in public worship must be done with a proper attitude toward God and fellow believers.

IMPORTANCE: Christian character must be evident in every aspect of worship. We must rid ourselves of any anger, resentment, or offensive behavior that might disrupt worship or damage church unity.

Personal Discipline

EXPLANATION: It takes discipline to be a leader in the church. Timothy, like all pastors, had to guard his motives, minister faithfully, and live above reproach. Any pastor must keep morally and spiritually fit.

IMPORTANCE: To stay in good spiritual shape, you must discipline yourself to study God’s Word and to obey it. Put your spiritual abilities to work!

Caring Church

EXPLANATION: The church has a responsibility to care for the needs of all its members, especially the sick, the poor, and the widowed. Caring must go beyond good intentions.

IMPORTANCE: Caring for the family of believers demonstrates our Christ like attitude and exhibits genuine love to nonbelievers.


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