Under Gods Command                                                                                                

All of us make hundreds of choices every day. Most choices have no right or wrong attached to them-like what you wear or what you eat. But we always face decisions that carry a little more weight. We don’t want to do wrong, and we don’t want to cause others to do wrong, so how can we make such decisions?

If I choose one course of actions:

Does it help my witness for Christ? (1 Corinth 9:19-22)

Am I motivated by a desire to help others know Christ? (1 Corinth 9:23; 10:33)

Does it help me do my best? (1 Corinth 9:25)

Is it against a specific command in Scripture and would thus cause me to sin? (1 Corinth 10:12)

Am I thinking only of myself, or do I truly care about the other person? (1 Corinth 10:24)

Am I acting lovingly or selfishly? (1 Corinth 10:32)

Does it glorify God? (1 Corinth 10:31)

Will it cause someone else to sin? (1 Corinth 10:32)

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