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Great Message Sunday. Here some notes, but the notes don’t do this sermon no justice. God really used Pastor Jimmy. If you have 30 minutes, check it out.
Crossroads: Is the beginning of the intersection of choices, conserations and consequences.
One wrong word can derail your kids future. One wrong kiss, one wrong gossip, one wrong look. When your at the crossroads, you start to have questions. So many different options now. So many choices, car dealers, what Church do I go to, what shirt do I wear today. We pray open doors to heaven when we should pray close all the doors that I am not suppose to go through, so I might pick what feels good to my flesh and not my spirit.
Three questions everyone ask at a Crossroad
1, What has the right away?
2, Which way do I go?
3, What is the way back home if I mess up? Where can I go back to to get love when my marriage is jack up?
Where do I go where people tell me about myself.
You can’t do whatever, and pray whatever, You got to do what God wants and then pray Gods Will.
1st Life Application: Every road you take and every decision you make leads somewhere.
Everything counts. Nothing just happens. There will be time when destiny and time meet and you got to be ready.
2nd Life Application: You can’t get a GO from God if you’ve never stopped!
Jeremiah 6:16 This is what the LORD says; “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is , and walk in it, and you find rest for your souls. But you said “We will not walk in it.”
Some people have been so mess up for such a long time that they just love being mess up. Have you ever seen somebody so broke that they excepted brokenness. They say that this is just the way its going to be.
Jeremiah said to stop at the Crossroads and look.
Ways speaks to life styles, and paths speak to directions. You will not know the right direction until you start acting the right way. Until you stop at the crossroads.
There are 4 ways: 1. There is a way that seems right, the left is the way of destruction, then there is the past ways, you can’t get to where God is calling you until you stop looking at your past. You can’t get to where God is calling you if you still looking in the review mirror. God is not going to give you a vision out of what you don’t want to be. He is going to give you vision of what you are called to be. But if you keep looking back, what you don’t want to be is going to drive you rather than what your called to be.
Slowing down is not stoping. You can’t get a GO from God if you’ve never stopped. Stop blaming your decision on God if you never STOP.
1. Stop Praying selfish prayers, we spend so much time asking and not seeking. As soon as you stop talking, God will start talking
2. Stop complaining, stop telling God what he already knows. If your complaining your doing no thanking.
3. Stop Comparing: Who is closer to God, stop calling someone when you can pray over yourself
4. Stop contemplating quitting.
5. Stop Compromising: God has not move because we have not given him all of us.
Breaking down the word STOP
S – Stand Still
T – Take Notice, Take a breather
O – Observe & Evaluate
P – Proceed in His Presence


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