Under Gods Command

2 Corinthians 10:12-13 We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. 13We, however, will not boast beyond proper limits, but will confine our boasting to the sphere of service God himself has assigned to us, a sphere that also includes you.

Paul criticized the false teachers who were trying to prove their goodness by comparing themselves with others rather than with God’s standards. When we compare ourselves with others, we may feel proud because we think we’re better. But when we measure ourselves against God’s standards, it becomes obvious that we have no basis for pride.

Lets Bring it Home: Don’t worry about other people’s accomplishments. Instead, continually ask yourself: How does my life measure up to what God wants? How does my life compare to that of Jesus Christ?

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