Under Gods Command (Book of Leviticus)


  1. WORSHIPING A HOLY GOD (1:1–17:16)  
  2. Instructions for the offerings
  3. Instructions for the priests
  4. Instructions for the people
  5. Instructions for the altar

God provided specific directions for the kind of worship that would be pleasing to him. These instructions teach us about the nature of God and can help us develop a right attitude toward worship. Through the offerings we learn of the seriousness of sin and the importance of bringing our sins to God for forgiveness.

  1. LIVING A HOLY LIFE (18:1–27:34)
  2. Standards for the people
  3. Rules for priests
  4. Seasons and festivals
  5. Receiving God’s blessing

God gave clear standards to the Israelites for living a holy life. They were to be separate and distinct from the pagan nations around them. In the same way, all believers should be separated from sin and dedicated to God. God still wants to remove sin from the lives of his people.

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