Robs Story

Posted: October 12, 2020 in Uncategorized

My Story

Retired Army Soldier who is Under Gods Command: To really follow someone’s every Command; you have to really develop deep trust in who is commanding you and know and understand the Commands. 

Rob Henry story on how I came Under Gods Command.  Here is some of my story on how I became to not just know Jesus, but to love him.  God was calling me a long time ago, but I just did not know it at the time, check out my story that came from the following scripture.    

Galatians 06:07

“Do not be misled. Remember that you cannot ignore God and get away with it. A man will always reap just the kind of crop he sows. If he sows to please his own desires, he will be planting seeds of evil and will surely reap a harvest of spiritual decay and death” (Galatians 6: 7-8 LB). 

It would certainly be a surprise if you planted corn and pumpkins came up.  It is a natural law to reap what we sow.  It is true in other areas too. If you gossip about your friends, you will lose their friendship.  Every action has results.  If you plant to please your own desires, you will reap a crop of sorrow and evil, if you plant to please God, you will reap joy and everlasting life.  What kind of seeds are you sowing? 

Understand this, the devil will have you thinking everything is cool while you indulge in your sinful desire of the flesh.  Especially when you know it is wrong, not in accordance with Gods word, and you are not even trying to change. Instead we try to justify it by saying, “Oh God understands” Sorry folks, God understands one thing, that you are wrong. Then just when the devil has you thinking everything is going well, he strikes with a lie.  He strikes with finances, relationships, illness, on the job, family, and gets into your unprotected mind. 

Rob Henry story on how I came Under Gods Command.  Here is some of my story on how I became to not just know Jesus, but to love him.  God was calling me a long time ago, but I jus did not know it at the time, Check out my story. 

This Scripture came from The Purpose Driven Life Devotion this morning.  It really moved me when I read this, and it reminded me when I was about 26 years old, station at Fort Ord California, back in the early 80s when I use to do a 100 mile drive to Oakland to party when we had time off.  I used to get my drink on, and my party on.  One day when I was coming back to Fort Ord about 2 in the morning, still under the influence of alcohol.  I said to God, “ Lord, I know you are not going to let me keep getting away with this life I am living” You see, I knew there was a God, and I knew and believe that Jesus died on the cross, but I did not want to be Under Gods Command.  It’s like knowing we have a great Army, but being on the outside looking in, but at the same time being protected by the Soldiers who were trained to fight, and ready to give their lives. 

At that time, I had the serious desire to party down, dancing to the funky beats.   I loved it and was having so much fun. The music just overpowered me, and the club seen was my life. Playing the ladies was so much fun.  Well, when I started seeking God to have a relationship with his son Jesus.  Something drastically happen to me.  I was sitting in my room one night with a bottle of E&J in my right hand.  My partners came to get me to go out, and I said to them “Man! Isn’t there more than life than drinking (raising the bottle at the same time) and running these women and lying to them all the time”.  Well, when I said that, they thought I was crazy.  Well, what I did not know at that time, God was dealing with that desired relationship.  About a week later I went to church and gave my life to the LORD.  I was now Under Gods Command.  Still hanging out, but it started feeling different. 

Now I was going to Church and Bible Study, but something was missing.  No one really took me by hand to explain things to me.  Did not like wearing ties and suits to Church, but everyone else did.  They were talking about loving everyone, and I was like, what is up with that! Because I know there are people that I could not stand.  Now, I am in Church telling God I love Him, because that is what everyone else was doing, standing, and shouting I love you Lord.  I just knew something was missing because I just could not get with the Church seen.  I was never a follow of anyone.  I always dress different, and I always went the other way in school. 

One night in my room, I just flat out told God that I did not love him, I believe in you, but I do not love you and I can’t go on lying, or not telling the truth any longer.   I just knew God was going to strike me dead for not loving him.  That is when he placed on my heart to read the 4 gospels of Jesus Christ.  That is when the love affair began.  It was on like popcorn after that.  I got so excited reading about Jesus, during readings, I called my Dad, and with excitement telling him about the miracles, how tough Jesus was, and how he was wronged.  My Dad listen intently to the stories I was telling him, because the Church turned him off too, but now he was listening to the word through me.  After reading the Gospels of Jesus Christ my Christian walk took off in a different direction. God used me to bring my Mother to Christ, and she has been on fire ever since.  It is so important to know that word because what you don’t know can hurt you.  Seek God, and he will lead you right to him. 

Now I know what this Scripture truly means 2 Chronicles 7:19 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

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