Proverbs 14:29 -A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.

Posted: October 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

A quick temper can be like a fire out of control.  It can burn us and everyone else in its path.  Anger divides people. It pushes us into hasty decisions that only cause bitterness and guilt.  Yet anger, in itself, is not wrong.  Anger can be a legitimate reaction to injustice and sin. When you feel yourself getting angry, look for the cause.  Are you reacting to an evil situation that you are going to set right?  Or are you responding selfishly to a personal insult?  Pray that God will help you control your quick temper, channeling your feelings into effective action and conquering selfish anger through humility and repentance. 

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