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We see here, that just because you have riches doesn’t mean that you always will. If you do not take care of what God has entrusted you with, you will find one day that all your wealth has vanished.

We see in this a worthless vessel, covered with glaze to make it seem from the outside to be very valuable. If you are looking at this from the spiritual standpoint, it makes it appear to be redeemed (glaze). This person, mentioned here, has beautiful burning lips which seem to be affectionate. They are a deceit coming from a wicked heart. 

A cheap veneer of glaze over a common clay pot hiding its commonness and fragility is like the deception spoken by evil people. The point is this: just as glaze covers the rough pottery but cannot ultimately change its character, so the evil man cannot change his character by covering it with eloquent speech. This thought is expanded (in verses 24 to 28).

It is as hard to refuse to listen to gossip as it is to turn down a delicious dessert.  Taking just one morsel of either one creates a taste for more.  You can resist rumors the same way a determined dieter resist candy, NEVER OPEN THE BOX.  If you don’t nibble on the first bite of gossip, you can’t take the second and the third.  

Gossip is spoken of badly in the Bible. I believe here that this is speaking of spreading untruths about the neighbors. If you were called to court to testify, you would have to tell the truth about the neighbors, but just telling things to get rumors started is bad. 

Avenging the evil done by one’s neighbor by offering false witness against him is forbidden.

Deceiving with the lips, perhaps, means stretching the truth to harm someone.

We should carry out our work in its proper order.  If a farmer builds his house in the spring, he will miss the planting season and go a year without food.  If a businessman invests his money in a house while his business is struggling to grow, he may lose both.  It is possible to work hard and still lose everything if the timing is wrong of the resources to carry it out are not in place. 

Like earthquakes, society is greatly agitated when normal roles are overturned, servants reigning, fools made rich, hated women married and maidservants becoming wives. 

These four things make living very uncomfortable. They really are things which should not be. These four causes much pain to all parties involved. 

A servant is really not suited to be a ruler, and sudden power many times turns the head of the person elevated. 

This fool, who suddenly has more than he needs, over-indulges, and makes himself even more of a fool. This “odious woman” is an undesirable woman, perhaps because she is not attractive or has unattractive ways. If she does get married, she is ill-tempered and possibly will drive her mate away.

 This handmaid, who obtains the wealth of her mistress, whether by death of the mistress or some trickery, would certainly cause her to be arrogant and difficult to get along with.

The soothing comfort of alcohol is only temporary.  Real relief comes from dealing with the cause of the anguish and sorrow and turning to God for peace.  Don’t lose yourself in alcohol; find yourself in God.  

People tend to become like those with whom they spend a lot of time.  Even the negative characteristics and habits sometimes rub off.  The Bible exhorts us to be cautious in our choice of companions.  Choose people with qualities you would like to develop in your own life.   

This proverb is a message of hope to people who must live and work under unjust authoritarian leader. It is also a warning to those who enjoy ruling with an iron hand.  Sometimes God intervenes and directly destroys tyrants.  More often he uses other rulers to overthrow them or their own oppressed people to rebel against them.  If you are in a position of authority at church, work or home, remember what happens to tyrants.  Leadership through kindness is more effective and longer lasting than leadership by force.   

In Proverbs 5:8 The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the LORD, But the prayer of the upright is His delight

We found that external acts of worship, though according to biblical prescription, are repulsive to God when the heart of the worshiper is wicked.

 We found this to be true in the very first mention in the Bible of Cain and Abel. Cain’s gift was unacceptable unto God. The worst thing of all was that he gave it knowing it was unacceptable. He wanted the easy way out. He gave earthly gifts rather than the offering God required. His gifts were earthly, not heavenly. 

This is also why Churches should not accept criminal or ill-gotten money.