Proverbs 10:18 “He who conceals his hatred has lying lips, and whoever spreads slander is a fool.”

Posted: November 10, 2020 in Proverbs 10
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By hating another person, you may become a liar or a fool.  If you try to conceal your hatred, you end up lying.  If you slander the other person and are proven wrong, you are a fool.  The only way out is to admit your hateful feelings to God.  Ask him to change your heart, to help you love instead of hate.  

What really is a “fool”? Really, a fool is someone who has undeniable proof before them and still will not believe. They are not able to determine truth but will prefer to believe a lie.

Once in the Canadian Rockies, we were in a spot surrounded on every side by the most fantastic snow-covered mountains that I had ever seen. No two of them were alike in color or shape, and my brother said, “only a fool could look at this and say there is no God”. You see, a fool has no understanding at all.

Lying is having no understanding of why we must tell the truth. A person who tells something untrue about someone else and tears down their good name has no understanding and is therefore a fool.

Both the harboring and venting of hatred are wrong and will be punished. Slander, (gossip or lies) is forbidden.

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