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We have seen it many times, and I do believe that it bothers most of us, but we just don’t admit it. Then to top it off that persons receives an award or promotion behind it while the person that did the work sits on the sidelines and is only called on when someone needs their help to fix something they messed up. Isn’t this the way we do God on Christmas? Santa gets all the credit and is the all-knowing while we put God on the sideline because for some reason, we don’t want our Children to know the truth. Something is terribly wrong with that picture. We can take down statues that have been up for years because they represented something bad, but we keep this thing about Santa going every year that puts Gods on the Sidelines until you need Him. Jesus Be Praised!

Under Gods Command

Proverbs 28:20 “A faithful man will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.”

Blessings are the product of honest labor. Just as Abraham was rich in gold, silver, and cattle because he was blessed of God, God will bless you abundantly if you have the faith of Abraham. Abraham was saved and blessed by faith. We are blessed and saved by; faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Someone in a hurry to get rich is taking short cuts. His ways are not pleasing to God, because they are not honest. God will hold him responsible for the way he made his money. Wealth in itself is not evil. Our attitude toward the wealth can be very evil.

Under Gods Command

Proverbs 16:11 Honest scales and balances are from the LORD; all the weights in the bag are of his making.

Should a Quarter Pounder weigh four ounces? Should a gallon of milk contain 128 fluid ounces? How about a gallon of gasoline? Do your answers change based on whether you are buying or selling? The great God of heaven expects total honesty in all transactions.

Should the medicine you receive at a hospital or drugstore be 100%, or 99%, pure? Could it make a difference? How about settings and accuracy of diagnostic equipment? Do you want your father to have a perfect MRI? How about someone else’s father?

Should the survey pins of your property boundaries be accurate to centimeters, inches, feet, or yards? Do you want your house’s assessed value close to market value or very close? Does your answer change if your assessment is higher or lower than real value?

Do you feel strongly about these questions? Who says that measurements are important? And who is going to do anything about it, if measurements are not made properly? Should you be able fudge your business transactions a little if no one gets hurt badly?

More than $7 trillion worth of economic transactions take place in the United States each year based on measuring devices. Just a 1% error could amount to over $70 billion, greater than the annual budget of many nations. Small errors add up to big consequences.

A typical convenience store sells 100,000 gallons of gasoline a month. If the owner adjusts his pumps to 127 fluid ounces per gallon, which you could not detect even with measuring cups, he could pocket an extra $20,000 per year. Who would know?

The LORD JEHOVAH knows. He ordained just weights and measurements; He commands them; and He enforces them (Lev 19:35-36; Deut 25:13-15; Ezek 45:10). One of Israel’s sins before being destroyed as a nation was deceitful merchant practices with false balances and weights (Hosea 12:7; Amos 8:5; Micah 6:11). Beware, reader!

God will judge those nations or men who alter weights or measures for gain, because that is an abomination to Him; but He delights in their right use (Pr 11:1; 20:10,23). Honesty and accuracy in economic transactions did not originate with man; they are from God. The laws of the nation of Israel in 1500 B.C. were the envy of the world (Deut 4:5-9).

Compliance with this ordinance leads to economic prosperity, as it has in America. When was the last time you measured your Quarter Pounder, milk, gasoline, medication, or survey pins? Economic trade is allowed to move at full speed with full confidence: not because Americans are intelligent, but because America follows God’s ordinance, whether they individually think about it or not. God’s laws work even for the ignorant.

Before modern scales, sellers provided a balance and weights (buyers did not want to carry weights everywhere, and who would trust theirs anyway). The extra weights were kept in a bag. Stealing was done two ways: the balance and/or the weights were altered. A wicked seller could sell 15 ounces as a pound or 35 inches as a yard to pad his profits.

This proverb helps define the eighth commandment, Thou shalt not steal (Ex 20:15). Since some will fudge transactions to steal from others, the LORD condemns them all in order to establish property rights, economic confidence, and professional integrity. Is your resume true, and do you answer interview questions with perfect honesty, for misrepresenting yourself is attempting to steal a position and salary you do not deserve?

Though the U.S. has an Office of Weights and Measures, under the authority of the Commerce Department, which regularly inspects public measuring devices, there is yet room to cheat by those who do not fear the Lord. You should be thankful for this governmental authority and its protection, but you must apply this proverb to yourself.

Dear reader, do you steal on the job by purloining, pilfering, or small thefts (Tit 2:10)?  Do you coast through jobs, cut corners from job specs, stretch breaks, or pad the time card? Do you pace yourself and make jobs take longer than they should? Should a windshield be installed perfectly, or almost perfectly? Should a sandwich be made according to the company’s precise menu specifications? Or is close good enough?

When buying things, the LORD condemns pointing out faults and then boasting to others you got a great deal (Pr 20:14). For you are using a false balance – to the seller the item was overpriced, and to your friends it was under priced. This is an offence to the Judge of all the earth. Men will even say, “I got a steal!” This is true, for they are truly thieves!

Do you always pay a fair price? When you detect an error in a transaction, do you point it out, even if it costs you more? Do you return extra change from a transaction? You will never get ahead being stingy or tight in your financial dealings (Pr 11:24-26; 19:17; 28:8). This is a mark of profane men and why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

How do you treat widows (Ex 22:22)? Do you pay their asking prices? Would you pay her more, if she were below market? Would you give a child without a parent a better deal? Consider well, dear reader. The LORD is watching (Deut 10:18; Psalm 68:5).

How did God punish stealing? Restore the stolen amount seven times (Pr 6:31), and if you could not afford that, you were sold into slavery (Ex 22:3). Simple, proper, perfect!

What if others take advantage of you in minor ways? Jesus taught to let the matter go in the pursuit of peace (Matt 5:38-48). Paul taught that it was better to be defrauded in small things than to bring up a conflict or trial in the church for it (I Cor 6:6-8).

How should a Christian conduct himself in this world? Always exceed the expectations of those trusting you, on both the selling and buying sides and in all other economic transactions and professional relationships. You will always come out ahead, for promotion comes from the Lord (Ps 75:6-7). You will grow in favor with God and men.

Even in the New Testament this commitment to accuracy, honesty, and integrity is exalted, as Paul commanded and illustrated (Rom 12:17; II Cor 8:20-21). Accurate, honest, and liberal conduct is living testimony of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and will cause others to ask a reason of your hope (Matt 5:16; I Pet 2:12; 3:15).

Under Gods Command 

Proverbs 11:1 The LORD abhors dishonest scales, but accurate weights are his delight. 

God is fair and right, and He expects you to be fair and right. He is perfect, and He expects you to be perfect. He hates cheating or compromise in your dealings; He loves honesty and integrity. He will ruin you professionally, if you cheat; but He will bless you, if you are just and fair. Solomon taught this lesson more than once (Pr 16:11; 20:10,23).

Before standardized weights and measures, and a government department to enforce them, merchants were responsible for accurate scales and weights. You bought and sold most of your commodities and foodstuffs by weight. This was no small matter, as the integrity and prosperity of the nation’s economy depended on trustworthy transactions.

Business integrity is part of godliness. Jehovah counts economic cheating or compromise to be an abomination. This word means a combination of disgust and hatred; abhorrence, detestation, loathing. In the Bible it also describes God’s attitude toward child sacrifice (Deut 12:31; 18:10-12), sodomy (Lev 18:22; 20:13), and similar perverse sins.

If you want to get ahead, then be scrupulously careful in all your transactions, even making sure your motives are just and pure (Pr 11:3; 19:1; Pr 20:7,14), and looking out with special care for widows, orphans, and the poor (Pr 23:10-11; 22:9). It is far better to be generous and liberal than to be cheap and stingy (Pr 11:24-27; Eccl 11:1-6; Is 32:8).

The omniscient God, seeing and knowing all things, takes very close interest in the ounces and pounds, liters and pints, dollars and cents, of your daily life. Let every greedy and stingy thief beware! He does not watch from a distance. He closely watches you tip a waitress or sell a used car. He watches you at the time clock and filing expense reports.

You will never get ahead cheating. And only blind fools would think it for even a second. It is far better to pay and perform beyond expectations, than to cut corners or shortchange anyone. Generosity is far superior to frugality. It is a very small mind, motivated by a dead soul, which thinks stinginess is how to get ahead (Pr 11:24-26; 28:8). A large mind, directed by a loving and generous heart, is God’s delight. He will bless the righteous.

Godly men are perfectly honest. They never take advantage of others. They go beyond bare duty; they pay more than their share; they keep every term of a contract; they tip generously; they pay debts on time; they despise purloining, or small thefts; they never lay out sick, when they are well; they disclose all problems with things they sell; they do not barter down a price, then call it a great deal; they communicate promptly and openly.

The Lord avenges any defrauding (I Thes 4:6; I Cor 6:8). He measures every relationship and transaction with His holy and divine scales of perfect righteousness. Have you been found wanting? Your prayers will stop at the ceiling (Pr 15:29; Ps 66:18); He will blow against you (Pr 13:15; Ps 34:16); you will never get ahead (Pr 13:11; 20:21; Jer 17:11). If you are froward in business dealings with others, He will be froward to you (Ps 18:26).

The Lord delights in honest men (Pr 12:22; Ps 11:7; Luke 6:37-38). What a glorious blessing to have the Most High delighting in you for your daily integrity! Watch every trade! Please every man! Owe no man anything! Be void of offence before God and men! Let the pure honesty and generosity of the Lord Jesus Christ be seen in your every action.