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Under Gods Command

Proverbs 10:13 – Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning, but a rod is for the back of him who lacks judgment.

Your degree of folly or wisdom is known by your speech. A man with understanding has wise speech that helps others; a man without understanding speaks foolishly and benefits no one. You cannot hide your character for long. You cannot deceive others forever. You will be exposed (Pr 26:26; Eccl 5:3; 10:3). And if your speech indicates you are a fool, the best treatment for you in the wisdom of God is a good beating (Pr 18:6; 26:3).

Notice the proverb closely. The first clause identifies a man with understanding as one who speaks wisely. The second clause gives the instruction to beat the man who does not have understanding. The parallelism of the proverb teaches two principal lessons: (1) your speech proves whether you have understanding or not, and (2) corporal punishment is appropriate for those who speak foolishly and forwardly. The ellipsis – missing words – at the end of the second clause, “and speaks foolishly,” is understood by the first clause.

God and Solomon gave you precious wisdom. Here is advice for life on how to measure the hearts of men and also how to treat them. Good men with wise hearts convey knowledge, godly counsel, and sound wisdom; and they do it in a gracious and loving way. Fools with profane hearts babble about their opinions and little problems in life; they complain about most everything; and they do it in an odious and irritating manner.

What precious wisdom! Wicked persons love to say, “You do not know my heart. I am a good person. I have understanding.” But these are lying excuses to justify their ungodly speech and/or actions. One of the chief lessons of Proverbs is to identify character by speech (Pr 10:19,21,32; 12:13; 14:3,7; 15:7; 16:2; 17:7,27-28; 18:7; Eccl 10:12). The Lord Jesus Christ also emphasized this definite connection (Matt 12:33-37).

Reader! Does your speech prove you a fool or a wise man? It is easy to tell. Can you justify your speech from the Bible? Do you have more friends than you can manage? Do others hold you in high esteem? Do others often seek your advice? If you can answer all four questions positively, you are a wise man. If several of the questions get negative answers, you are a fool! Confess your folly to God. Beg Him for help to control your lips.

Reader! Do others consider you gracious or odious, kind or cutting, helpful or hurtful, cheerful or critical, sober or sarcastic, loving or laughing, judicious or jesting? Honest answers to these contrasts reveal your character. Humble yourself before God. Cut your words in half. Cut your volume in half. Do not speak without something important to say. Study before you speak. Be gracious and positive, always! Praise someone, now!

Your degree of worldliness or spirituality is also known by your speech. It is easy to be an enemy of Jesus Christ – all you have to do is care about the things of this world (Matt 6:24; Phil 3:18-19; Jas 4:4; I John 2:15-17). How can you spot an enemy of Jesus Christ? Listen. They talk about jobs or business, health, politics, or current events. Though you listen carefully, you never hear Christ praised, doctrine exalted, or fervent thanksgiving.

Furthermore, your degree of love or hatred for others is revealed by your words. If you love other saints, which is the greatest evidence of eternal life, you will always be saying good things to them, for them, and about them. The person who is often guilty of backbiting, complaining, slandering, talebearing, or whispering is not only a fool, but also a child of the devil (John 8:44; I Cor 3:3; Titus 3:3; Jas 3:14-18; I John 3:1-19).

Corporal punishment is the best treatment of a person with a foolish tongue (Pr 26:3). If that person is your child, then you can train him in the way he should go with the rod and reproof (Pr 22:6; 29:15). If it is a prospective spouse, end the relationship! If it is a friend, you can easily find new and better friends (Pr 9:6; 13:20; 14:7). Choose wise men with wise speech for your companions, for they will make you better (Pr 22:11; Ps 119:63).

Under Gods Command
Proverbs 23:13,14 – Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die. (14) Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death.

Corporal punishment for children is a mandate from heaven. It is not an option, suggestion, or theory. Its purpose is simple – save children from unnecessary death. Any person debating or opposing this mandate is an accomplice in child murder, for he is rejecting the best means of saving children’s lives! Let God be true, but every man a liar!

The correction described here is corporal punishment of children, for it is the use of a rod on children. Our grandparents understood it well, for spanking was obvious to their sober minds. The rod had much to do with the former greatness of America and the tranquility of its society. Let the Britannica Encyclopedia (14th Edition) comfort the feebleminded:

FLOGGING has been one of the most universally utilized methods of punishing public crimes, as well as a means of preserving family, domestic, military and academic discipline.

The instruction from God and Solomon is not to withhold this form of correction from children. It must be administered to save their lives, and it should be done early (13:24 19:18). It is the mark of true love (3:12 13:24) for parents with a great desire for their children’s futures will want to drive the foolishness out of their hearts (22:15) (29:15-17).

Parents rejecting the rod hate their children and cause them harm. Any sentimental drivel is irrelevant, for their actions prove disregard for their children’s future. Sober obedience to authority saves lives; but grounding them or withholding an allowance will not train it.

How can children die? A thousand ways! Suicide is self-murder by un-ruled emotion! Undisciplined children disobey speed limits, drug laws, gun laws, and police authority. They flaunt anger, envy, and pride, which can cause fatal conflicts. Undisciplined children violate marital and other sacred trusts, which can bring murder or public execution. Of course, Solomon wrote under a government practicing capital punishment!

But there are other ways to die. Some jobs are dead end, because an untrained child never learned to obey authority and get along with others. Some marriages are dead, because the child’s inherent selfishness destroyed their spouse. Other relationships can die as well (Luke 15:24). A soul can practically die from pain and trouble caused by his foolishness.

Corporal punishment consistently and lovingly administered will prevent these different ways people die. Turning a person back to truth saves a soul from death and hides a multitude of sins (James 5:19-20). God has spoken; this issue is not debatable (Ps 119:128)