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Under Gods Command 

Proverbs 20:30 Blows and wounds cleanse away evil, and beatings purge the inmost being.

Corporal punishment works. Pain is an efficient deterrent and effective instructor. Do you believe both rules in spite of what effeminate fools and social do-gooders say today?

Why are you careful with fire? By studying the laws and theories of fuels, heat, oxidation, combustion, and thermodynamics? By theorizing why fire hurts and destroys? Or because you felt the biting sting of fire when you were young. Ah, yes, fire hurts!

If you want to be wise, and Proverbs was written for that, then submit to God’s word. Let God be true, but every man a liar (Rom 3:4; Ps 119:128). God and Solomon had more wisdom about modifying behavior than any man, group of men, institution, or theory on earth. Freely given without charge, they wrote it down for your great profit and success.

Foolishness and wickedness are terrible human traits, causing much pain and suffering, including ruined lives and estates and death. How can these traits be reduced? Sin is more than a bad habit; it is the inborn reaction of deceived rebels (Jer 17:9). Most men must be beaten, bruised, and wounded before they will change or improve. This is the lesson.

Do you wisely wound those who need it? Do you receive wounding well when you need it? Do not resist the wisdom taught here. Severe and wise punishment is far less painful than unrestrained self-will or obstinate rebellion. A fool not corrected will cost himself and those around him far more than the light sting of a whipping. This is the application.

Parents drive foolishness from children with the rod (Pr 22:15; 23:13-14); God scourges foolishness from His children (Pr 3:11-12; Heb 12:5-11); friends correct one another by verbal blows (Pr 27:6; Ps 141:5); and Jesus was bruised and wounded for our iniquities (Gen 3:15; Is 53:5,10). Corporal punishment greatly reduces crimes. This is the result.

Until recent decades of perverse thinking and loud talking by social engineers, everyone knew corporal punishment worked. They used to say, “Reading, writing, and arithmetic, taught to the tune of a hickory stick.” In a wise society, magistrates beat criminals (Deut 25:2-3), and employers beat offending employees (Pr 29:19; Ex 21:20-21).

Solomon’s inspired wisdom is despised today. Social dreamers and arrogant educators teach that flattery and freedom work better than corporal punishment. Read Benjamin Spock’s, Baby and Child Care. They do all they can to outlaw parental spanking of children, just as they have outlawed flogging for maintaining order and discipline in schools, the military, and society. But look at the results! They have miserably failed!

What a beautiful proverb! Here you see the nature of proverbs as clearly as anywhere.  The words are chosen and arranged to create maximum beauty, force, and rhythm; but the sense is slightly hidden for you to discover and enjoy. Can you find a few metonyms?

Consider the proverb’s words. When a body is bruised, the place often turns blue. We say it is “black and blue.” The first clause by use of metonymy teaches that proper wounding for corrective purposes will drive foolishness away. Corporal punishment is a God-ordained means for purging away sin (Pr 13:24; 19:18; 22:15; 23:13-14; 26:3; 29:15).

Note the metonyms. Blue wounds do not correct rebels. Corporal punishment properly applied reforms them, which creates wounds, which often turn blue. These are metonyms, the substitution of one thing for a related thing. This is metonymy of effect, where the effect is put for the cause – blue wounds for the punishment producing them.

In the second clause, “stripes” are metonymy of effect for beating with a rod (Pr 17:10; 19:29; Ps 89:32; Deut 25:2-3), and “belly” is metonymy of subject for man’s soul and spirit (Pr 18:8; 20:27; Job 32:18-19; Ps 44:25).  Stripes, applied on the back by a rod, for the purpose of correcting behavior, will have the same positive training result that the wound of the first clause will have (Pr 17:10; 19:29; Ps 89:32; Deut 25:2-3).

This beautiful and wise proverb teaches God’s ordinance of corporal punishment. But today’s enlightened world prefers the darkness of the perverted speculations of educators. They will suction a million screaming babies into pieces in their mothers’ wombs, while protecting teenagers and criminals from ever being touched! These perverse persons are the devilish corrupters of nations, and the results of their policies are visible everywhere.

Horses have been restrained and trained with physical devices for several thousand years, and so have fools (Pr 10:13; 26:3). What jockey would mount an 1100-pound Thoroughbred and expect to control him at the start and win a race without a bridle, bit, and whip? If these brute beasts can be taught careful maneuvers and maximum effort for desired goals, how much more the rational minds of children and men? Let God be true!

With only a few proper lessons from a rod, children will grow up into mature and wise adults (Pr 22:6,15). Feed them for 17 years without this tool, and you will have a child that brings you shame, ruins his life as well, and is a burden to those around him (Pr 23:13-14; 29:15). The self-restraint needed to prosper and succeed in life is brought by the rod and reproof. Correct children, and they will give you rest and delight (Pr 29:17).

Let parents remember the rule – the rod works. Let school principals and magistrates consider – the rod works. Let friends recall – sharp reproofs work. The wise use of corporal punishment will correct fools and sinners and reform the heart. This is not fanciful advice of the ignorant: these are inspired rules of the wisest man ever! Are you wise enough to grasp who is right? God and Solomon or Ben Spock and UNICEF?

Let every man gratefully and humbly receive wounds from God and man, for they are designed for his learning (Pr 3:11-12; 9:7-9; 27:5-6; Ps 141:5). Without them, there is no evidence that either God or men love you, and there is no hope for your improvement or perfection. You should look for a church where you are wounded weekly by preaching.

Some natural men limit this proverb to foolish medical advice. They say the blue color around a wound is evidence that infection is being purged from it. And they say that developed abdominal muscles (“a six-pack” of stripes on your belly) promote the health of your lower internal organs. What an ignorant travesty of interpretation! Forget it!

God hates sin but loved His elect, so He severely bruised and wounded the Lord Jesus by the Jews and Romans. During the hours leading to His death, He turned blue from many wounds, and many stripes covered His back. Why? Because He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, chastised for our peace, and by His stripes we are healed (Is 53:5,10). His blue wounds and many stripes cleansed us from all evil!

Under Gods Command

Proverbs 10:13 – Wisdom is found on the lips of the discerning, but a rod is for the back of him who lacks judgment.

Your degree of folly or wisdom is known by your speech. A man with understanding has wise speech that helps others; a man without understanding speaks foolishly and benefits no one. You cannot hide your character for long. You cannot deceive others forever. You will be exposed (Pr 26:26; Eccl 5:3; 10:3). And if your speech indicates you are a fool, the best treatment for you in the wisdom of God is a good beating (Pr 18:6; 26:3).

Notice the proverb closely. The first clause identifies a man with understanding as one who speaks wisely. The second clause gives the instruction to beat the man who does not have understanding. The parallelism of the proverb teaches two principal lessons: (1) your speech proves whether you have understanding or not, and (2) corporal punishment is appropriate for those who speak foolishly and forwardly. The ellipsis – missing words – at the end of the second clause, “and speaks foolishly,” is understood by the first clause.

God and Solomon gave you precious wisdom. Here is advice for life on how to measure the hearts of men and also how to treat them. Good men with wise hearts convey knowledge, godly counsel, and sound wisdom; and they do it in a gracious and loving way. Fools with profane hearts babble about their opinions and little problems in life; they complain about most everything; and they do it in an odious and irritating manner.

What precious wisdom! Wicked persons love to say, “You do not know my heart. I am a good person. I have understanding.” But these are lying excuses to justify their ungodly speech and/or actions. One of the chief lessons of Proverbs is to identify character by speech (Pr 10:19,21,32; 12:13; 14:3,7; 15:7; 16:2; 17:7,27-28; 18:7; Eccl 10:12). The Lord Jesus Christ also emphasized this definite connection (Matt 12:33-37).

Reader! Does your speech prove you a fool or a wise man? It is easy to tell. Can you justify your speech from the Bible? Do you have more friends than you can manage? Do others hold you in high esteem? Do others often seek your advice? If you can answer all four questions positively, you are a wise man. If several of the questions get negative answers, you are a fool! Confess your folly to God. Beg Him for help to control your lips.

Reader! Do others consider you gracious or odious, kind or cutting, helpful or hurtful, cheerful or critical, sober or sarcastic, loving or laughing, judicious or jesting? Honest answers to these contrasts reveal your character. Humble yourself before God. Cut your words in half. Cut your volume in half. Do not speak without something important to say. Study before you speak. Be gracious and positive, always! Praise someone, now!

Your degree of worldliness or spirituality is also known by your speech. It is easy to be an enemy of Jesus Christ – all you have to do is care about the things of this world (Matt 6:24; Phil 3:18-19; Jas 4:4; I John 2:15-17). How can you spot an enemy of Jesus Christ? Listen. They talk about jobs or business, health, politics, or current events. Though you listen carefully, you never hear Christ praised, doctrine exalted, or fervent thanksgiving.

Furthermore, your degree of love or hatred for others is revealed by your words. If you love other saints, which is the greatest evidence of eternal life, you will always be saying good things to them, for them, and about them. The person who is often guilty of backbiting, complaining, slandering, talebearing, or whispering is not only a fool, but also a child of the devil (John 8:44; I Cor 3:3; Titus 3:3; Jas 3:14-18; I John 3:1-19).

Corporal punishment is the best treatment of a person with a foolish tongue (Pr 26:3). If that person is your child, then you can train him in the way he should go with the rod and reproof (Pr 22:6; 29:15). If it is a prospective spouse, end the relationship! If it is a friend, you can easily find new and better friends (Pr 9:6; 13:20; 14:7). Choose wise men with wise speech for your companions, for they will make you better (Pr 22:11; Ps 119:63).

Under Gods Command
Proverbs 13:24 He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is carful to discipline him

Loving parents spank their children. They start early, and they do not hold back. They want the best for their children, and they know spanking will help them succeed. They trust God and Solomon far more than today’s arrogant, ignorant, and bankrupt ideas.

This proverb is amazing! One short sentence will prove if you love God, if you fear God, if you love your children, and if you are wise. You cannot avoid these conclusions. If you do not spank your children, you have chosen to hate God, your children, and wisdom!

The lesson here is important, and it is repeated throughout Proverbs: corporal punishment works, and wise parents use it (Pr 3:12; 10:13; 19:18; 20:30; 22:15; 23:13-14; 26:3; 29:15,17). It is not open to debate. God has spoken, that settles it! 3000 years of recorded human history endorse it, and today’s dysfunctional youth confirm that they needed it!

The world would be a better place, if parents obeyed this proverb. But most have been brainwashed by educators, politicians, and the news media against corporal punishment. Though a serious problem is seen everywhere – a generation of haughty, lazy, rebellious, selfish, and narcissistic youth – the world hates God and Solomon’s wisdom in the Bible.

Do you love your son? Only hateful fathers do not spank sons. They love themselves too much to spend the effort, emotion, time, and short-term grief to confront and spank a child for his profit. The father that truly loves his son and wants him to be great will faithfully spank him at a young age when there is hope. If you do not use the rod, you hate your son; if you truly delight in him, you will correct and spank him (Pr 3:11-12).

True love is more than the mushy sentimentality of the modern heresy of unconditional love. True love is the sacrificial desire for the personal and spiritual welfare of another; it is doing what is necessary to help another person please God and men more perfectly. Of course, you cannot read about such love in Ben Spock’s books or Mad Magazine. This love is only known by Christians and only taught in the Bible. You can ignore all others.

True love is known by its goal and the choice of means to attain it. Godly parents want their children to grow in favor with God and man, the highest goal possible for human existence. And they use the God-inspired and time-proven means to achieve that goal – the rod and reproof (Pr 29:15). This is the highest degree of love a parent can have. Do you love your children this way and this much? There is no better idea, so forget it!

Do you want the best for your child? He was born foolish, and you must drive it out of him, or you will send a foolish adult into the world to be punished by life and other authority figures (Pr 22:15). The rod gives wisdom, so not using it selfishly deprives your children of wisdom they need for success (Pr 29:15). The rod saves children from death and hell, so not using it chooses future pain and trouble for your children (Pr 23:13-14).

The only proven way to maximize character and success is to spank him. How can you guarantee a selfish, lazy, immature adult lacking the character necessary for life success? Cater to his whims, coddle his moods, allow him the freedom of his peers, and avoid any criticism or negativity that might disappoint him! This is what parents now call training. Try to enter any work animal in a competition that has not felt a bridle or whip (Pr 26:3)!

Do you want joy and peace in old age? A child left to himself will shame his parents, but reproof and spanking make wise children (Pr 29:15,17). Do you know parents that live out their lives in grief for foolish, rebellious, or criminal children? You may be one yourself. They did not consistently spank their children when they were young to have joy of them later (Pr 10:1; 15:20; 17:21,25; 19:13; 22:6; 23:15-16,24-25; 29:3,15,17).

Here is a conflict: parents follow fuzzy feelings they call love to get children anything they want, let them do whatever they wish, and avoid anything that disappoints them. They think happy children are good children. These parents reinforce the foolishness of children and the sins of this generation – pride, laziness, rebellion, selfishness, etc.

Here is another conflict: Suzy Smartmouth of the PTA plasters signs around town that say, “Kids, you can’t beat ‘em.” Doctor Dimwits, the school psychologist says spanking warps the personality and is no deterrent to bad behavior. Benjamin Spock and James Dobson join similar philosophies against Bible strictness (Pr 20:20; 30:17; Deut 27:16).

Who will you believe? The Creator God that designed the family unit has declared His will clearly and repeatedly. King Solomon the wisest king and philosopher in world history gave his inspired counsel and advice. Who will you believe? The United Nations and UNICEF, who propose children’s rights between warnings about global warming?

The world’s thinkers do not have a clue about parenting, especially the more education and/or intelligence they have. When a spoiled child in America kills school children, what is the response of educators, politicians, and the media? Gun control! Neither America nor the world needs gun control – they need child control taught in this proverb!

What is a rod? It is a slender stick perfect for stripes on the backs of fools and foolish children. What is chastening? It is the use of the rod to create those wisdom marks. What is betimes? It is early when there is still hope for the child to be wise. What is sparing? It is deciding for whatever reason that you do not love your children enough to use the rod.

Grandparents once said, “Spare the rod, spoil the child”; the character of that generation to the character of the present one is like light to darkness. This generation says, “Kids, you can’t beat ‘em.” Who is right? Those grandparents chose the inspiration of God, the wisdom of Solomon, and common sense. Today’s effeminate and permissive society bows to ignorant educators and silly soccer moms, both of which are clueless about life.

Those grandparents knew true love did what was necessary to prepare a child for life. They knew allowing a child to go unchecked without corporal punishment was to hate a child. They knew an untrained child would grow into an undisciplined adult, unprepared for a successful life. They knew undisciplined adults would have much pain and trouble.

The present crop of arrogant, lazy, rebellious, spoiled, violent, and wayward youth proves the lesson. Never has the world seen such a batch of dysfunctional, selfish children and youth who expect everything to be handed to them. The chickens have come home to roost. God and Solomon were right. Any other opinion should be despised (Ps 119:128).

If you love your children, you will use corporal punishment early and quickly – betimes. If you wait too long, they become hardened in foolishness, and then it is too late (Pr 19:18; Eccl 8:11). Parents can avoid troublesome teens by training children and pre-teens the Bible way. If you foolishly spare the rod, you will reap the painful consequences.

The best Father in the world is God. He loved His children so much that He sent His only begotten Son to die for them. How does He treat His beloved children when they disobey Him? Do you know your Bible? He whips them with a scourge and expects them to like it and learn from it (Heb 12:5-13)! If they do not learn fast enough, He will take them out of this world (I Cor 11:30-32). Joel Osteen and Rick Warren do not teach this very often!

God’s favorite son other than Jesus was David. He loved David very much. When David sinned, and the Bible records several, God punished Him severely. The beatings he took for adultery with Bathsheba and others sins were very severe. But David loved his beatings, because he knew they were given in love for his profit (Ps 119:67,71,75). If you are a child of God, you should appreciate your Father’s love and show it to your children.

This might be long, but it worth reading entirely.  
 Proverbs 27:22  Though you grind a fool in a mortar, grinding him like grain with a pestle, you will not remove his folly from him.

 Is there hope for a fool? Not really. A few exceptions do not alter the general rule. No matter what you do to help a fool, he will stay a fool, for he has no heart for wisdom. Here is a profound proverb based on an agricultural metaphor that gives it its beauty.

There is hope for a foolish child or a temporary foolish adult, but there is no hope for an incorrigible fool. He is what he is; you cannot help him (Pr 17:10,12; 29:9). You must avoid him, not waste efforts to reform him, and learn why some people never change.

What is a fool? A fool is a person who has rejected God and true religion by either words or deeds (Ps 14:1; 53:1; Titus 1:16). He is too proud and stubborn to be instructed, so he must be corrected and motivated like a brute beast (Pr 10:8; 12:1; 14:16; 26:3).

He is arrogantly confident of himself, so he continues in his madness without caution or examination (Pr 10:23; 12:15; 15:5; 17:16; 26:11; 28:26). He is self-centered and profane, interested only in his own thoughts (Pr 14:9; 17:24; 18:2; 20:3; Eccl 10:2-3).

Children are born foolish, and folly remains bound in their hearts, if they are not trained. But corporal punishment and reproof will drive it out of children (Pr 19:18; 22:15; 29:15). Adult foolishness can be corrected by instruction, rebukes, and warnings (Pr 1:5; 9:8-9; 19:20,25; 21:11; 25:12; 26:3). There is hope in both these cases, but not with fools.

A mortar was a cup-shaped stone vessel that held grain, so it could be pulverized with a pestle, a club-like instrument used to pound the grain. Braying the grain meant to beat, bruise, and crush it to powder. The metaphor is powerful! If you were to smash a fool in a mortar with a pestle, you could not drive away his foolishness and make him wise.

How can you keep from being an incorrigible fool? Fearing God is your first step, for it is the beginning of wisdom and understanding (Pr 1:7; 9:10). You must reject your own thoughts (Pr 16:25; 26:12). Then you must love instruction and reproof to be wiser (Pr 9:8-9; 12:1). And you must avoid fools, so you do not become like them (Pr 9:6; 13:20).

A wise man will identify fools, remember they are beyond help and hope, and not waste his time or breath on them (Pr 17:10,12; 29:9). They are not worthy of honor, so do not give them any (Pr 26:1,8). They should only be answered to shut their mouths (Pr 26:4-5; Matt 7:6). If you must manage one, brute force is your best bet (Pr 26:3; Ps 32:9).

Some people never change. Fools from birth, they were never trained. Every kind of animal has been trained, but these unruly beasts are contrary to convention, truth, and wisdom. They never mature as they should; they never increase in wisdom and understanding; they are fools. Do not be frustrated or waste time. Avoid them instead.

All men by nature are religious fools, no matter how their parents trained them (Ep 2:1-3; 4:17-19; Rom 1:18-32). Even Paul, who had the best religious training, admitted he was sometimes foolish (Tit 3:3). How can a spiritual fool be made wise? By the regenerating power of God, Who sovereignly causes him to be born again (John 1:13; 3:8; Titus 3:5).

This powerful work of creation by God gives a man a new spiritual nature for him to see, hear, know, and do things to please God (Jn 3:3; 8:43,47; I Cor 2:14; Rom 8:7-8; Phil 2:12-13). This new nature is truly wise (I Cor 2:15). A person must be born again first to hear and obey the gospel (John 5:24; 10:26; I Cor 1:24; II Cor 4:3-4; Acts 13:48).

It is heresy to think changing the environment will make fools wise (Is 26:10). It is heresy to think that new evangelistic methods will work (Luke 16:31). It is heresy to buy decisions for Jesus with food, water, or medicine (II Cor 2:14-17). They must be born again (Jn 3:7)! Only God can make a wise man out of a fool (Pr 20:9; Job 14:4; John 3:6).

It is your duty and privilege to fear God, humble yourself before teachers and counselors, and reject the proud rebellion that enslaves the hearts and minds of fools. It is easier to learn this way than to be brayed with a pestle in a mortar, which the Lord Jesus Christ has done and will do to both foolish children and enemies (Heb 12:5-13; Matt 21:42-44).