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Under Gods Command

Proverbs 13:24 He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is carful to discipline him

It is not easy for a loving parent to discipline a child, but it is necessary. The greatest responsibility that God gives parents is the nurture and guidance of their children. Lack of discipline puts parents’ love in question because it shows a lack of concern for the character development of their children. Disciplining children averts long-range disaster. Without correction, children grow up with no clear understanding of right and wrong and with little direction to their lives. Don’t be afraid to discipline your children. It is an act of love. Remember, however, that your efforts cannot make your children wise; they can only encourage your children to seek God’s wisdom above all else!

Under Gods Command

Proverbs 12:2 A good man obtains favor from the LORD, but the LORD condemns a crafty man. 

God can raise beggars up out of a sewer and put them on the throne of glory, and He can put the greatest monarch in world history out to pasture, literally (II Sam 7:8; Dan 4:27-33). The true God rewards your conduct in this life – think David and Nebuchadnezzar; and He rewards it in the next life – think Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16:19-31).

Dear reader, it would do you good to read Hannah’s prayer of praise (I Sam 2:1-10). She knew the LORD was a God of knowledge and that He weighed the actions of men. She praised Him for His great work of putting one person up and putting another down. He made a great difference between her and her adversary (I Sam 1:4-8,17-20; 2:18-21,26).

The LORD’s favour is wonderful. It is better than the mythical touch of Midas, better than friendship with Bill Gates, and better than the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction. There is nothing like it in this world or the next (Ps 4:6-8; 16:11). How can you measure having the Lord as your Friend, Comforter, Benefactor, and Protector?

His favour can make all the difference in the world in a man’s life. Can you fully comprehend it? How can you describe it? If He blesses your soul, your body, your marriage, your children, the work of your hands, and your eternal destination, what else is there (Ps 1:1-6; 73:23-27; 128:1-6; 144:11-15)? Thank you, blessed God and Father!

But His condemnation is a horrible thing. It far exceeds any personal or natural disaster, for the Creator God becomes your enemy and will torment you in this life and the next. He can torment your soul with fear and trembling that is indescribable (Deut 28:65-68). Terminal cancer and annihilation would be a relief from what He can do to you. How can you measure the horror of the LORD God chasing you into eternity (Ps 35:5-6)?

Jesus told His disciples that pain and death were nothing at all. Why fear men, He asked? They cannot do anything of serious or lasting harm. He taught them the only true Person to fear was His Father, Who was able to kill the body in this life and then send both body and soul to hell for eternal torment. You should fear Him, Jesus warned (Luke 12:4-5).

What makes this difference – the great distances between God’s responses? Your choices today, reader. That is right! Your choices today will either be good in His sight, or they will be wicked. You think you can do what you want? You think you have a right to your own life? You think you can protect yourself from Him? You think you can avoid the consequences of your sin? You think He does not see? Does not care? Guess again, fool!

A good man is made good by God’s grace (Ps 14:1-3; Gal 5:22-23), but God’s grace must be used to be the good man here (I Cor 15:10; II Cor 6:1). A good man finds the favour of the great God by laying hold of wisdom and obeying it (Pr 8:35). A foolish man rejects wisdom and by doing so wrongs his own soul and chooses death instead (Pr 8:36).

The defining difference between the two persons is how they treat wisdom – God’s instructions for living found in the Bible. Reader, do you tremble before the words of God yet? Will you even take enough time to read and consider the warning of this proverb? Will you do anything about it? What will you do to obey God better? Today?

Reject wisdom, and God will tear you in pieces, and there will be no one to save you (Ps 50:22; Hos 5:14; 13:8)! He will turn your life upside down and inside out (Ps 146:9). He will smash your face and break out your teeth (Ps 3:7; 58:6). If you think for one second God has changed, try Hebrews 10:26-31; 12:28-29; and 13:8. When He comes in anger, men beg for mountains to fall on them and hide them (Rev 6:16-17). Do not be a fool!

Beware, lest you think it is your idea and measure of what makes a good man. Do not let anyone, even your dear mother, flatter you into thinking you are a good man. The holy God has no regard for such foolish thoughts. He will only favour the man who trembles before His word and keeps His commandments with a humble heart (Ps 112:1-4; Is 66:2).

The difference in His response is enormous; it is immeasurable. Do you see it clearly? He can bless so abundantly and so kindly, and He can destroy so horribly and so painfully.

Did the LORD’s favour make a difference in Joseph’s life? An incredible difference! How about Abraham? Ruth? Esther? Job? David? Daniel? Mary Magdalene?

Did the LORD’s condemnation make a difference in Saul’s life? What tormenting misery! How about Cain? Lot? Eli? Nabal? Jehoram? Uzziah? Judas? Herod?

Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up (Jas 4:10). There is precious favour to be obtained from the LORD God. Some men walked with Him as their Friend, others walked straight into heaven without dying, and yet others had His benevolent care and protection around and upon them wherever they went and whatever they did. Do good, and you will love life and see good days (I Pet 3:10-12)!


Under Gods Command

Proverbs 29:6 An evil man is snared by his own sin, but a righteous one can sing and be glad. 

Some fall into this trouble and then that trouble. Others go through life happily singing! What makes the difference? The answer is worth your attention! You can have a life of pain and problems, or you can have a life filled with joy and pleasure. Which will it be?

An evil man chooses to transgress against a commandment of God. He wants to do things his own way. He has no real regard or respect for the word of God. He is in love with his own thoughts. He believes he can get away with his sin. He is convinced that he can find happiness by sinning. He confidently rejects wisdom to choose the path of fools.

But he is deceived! Every sin has a snare! There is an unseen trap to punish him for his rebellion against God. Though he did not see the snare when he chose to sin, the rusty claws of the trap will suddenly spring shut on his life. Then he will feel the painful results of a foolish choice (Ps 36:2; Pr 4:19; 13:15; 28:14). He despises the only way out of the trap – full repentance – which for him is like using a pocket knife to whittle off his leg!

Consider examples. A man marries a beautiful woman who does not fear God. Is there a snare? He must live with an odious woman until death! A woman defrauds her husband of daily sex. Is there a snare? She must live with a bitter husband the rest of her life! A man discreetly visits a whore. Is there a snare? He catches an STD! A lazy father neglects child training. Is there a snare? A rebellious child breaks his heart and shames the family!

Consider more examples. A man ridicules the government in his home (Ec 10:20). Is there a snare? His children show the same arrogant rebellion against him. A haughty son chooses to disregard his father’s advice. Is there a snare? He marries a whorish woman and picks a career in a dying industry. A man refuses to save because he loves spending. Is there a snare? He can never invest with his friends and is soon bankrupt. A woman complains about her life. Is there a snare? Her children run away to find joy and peace.

But the righteous man lives a holy life. He carefully lives in obedience to all God’s commandments. He trembles before the word of God. He quickly confesses any sins, and his merciful heavenly Father restores his spirit. His conscience is pure and confident. He has no fear, guilt, or shame. He sleeps well at night, and is gloriously content. His soul is full of pleasure now and with great hope for the future. He sings with great joy! He enjoys every aspect of his life, seeing things to be thankful for everywhere he looks.

Pleasure is the fruit of godliness, and godliness with contentment is great gain (I Tim 6:6). If God says it is gain, it is gain! The holy life is safe from harm, free from guilt, free from trouble. There are no snares in doing right, no vexing remorse or painful results. There is no smitten conscience or hypocritical quandary. The righteous man has a feast every day (Pr 3:17; 15:15)! And he knows even greater blessings are coming at death!

God knows you want to be happy, so He told you how in this proverb and elsewhere in the Bible (Ps 34:12-16; Ps 127:5; 128:2; 144:15; Pr 3:13,18; 14:21; 16:20; 29:18). He knows more about happiness and true contentment and fulfillment than all men living. Do you consult His owner’s manual for life – the Bible? Do you attend a church where a man He has appointed preaches the truth and wisdom from that Bible for your happiness?

Reader, do you understand? Have you seen troubled and painful lives? Have you been troubled yourself? It is your fault! You chose to break God’s wise rules, and the snare of sin caught you. There is a snare in every sin. Stop sinning, and you can recover your tranquility (Pr 11:6; 12:13). Where are you cheating God? The trap is ready to spring. Let the righteous man joyfully sing, for his life is blessed and his future will be even better!